VERPAN presents: The Celebration – icons of Verner Panton

June 02, 2023

Reframing a selection of truly emblematic Verner Panton pieces by highlighting their social nature, VERPAN stages a grand celebration of his most joyful work during 3daysofdesign.

The undulating curves of the Cloverleaf sofa, Globe’s rich, saturated glow (hand-assembled in Denmark by the two only women in the world qualified to do so) and the awe-inspiring scale of the lustrous Fun pendants—all embody a heritage of craft and true joie de vivre.

Experience a curated selection showcasing the extent and possibilities of the VERPAN collection in an immersive setting that amplifies and animates Panton’s radical vision for living and lounging.

VERPAN invites you to experience a hypnotic exhibition, or rather celebration, revealing a whole new side of Panton’s most captivating work.



Download here