Flying Chair at "Hidden Beauty" Photo Exhibition

"Hidden Beauty" by Günther Egger

"The photo exhibition 'hidden beauty' is a series of photographs of flowers and plants that betray their beauty behind old and damaged greenhouse glass revealing newly interpreted beauty.

To showcase the contemporary and atypical work of art in a residential environment, visitors have the possibility to also see the famous Flying Chair by Verner Panton at the exhibition. The design, which was created by 1964 by Verner Panton, was recalled to furniture production in 2019 by the Danish furniture and lighting manufacturer Verpan. This story is a pure interpretation of hidden beauty in the world of design, matching the theme of the art exhibition showcased at the Lanser See in Innsbruck.

Location: Art Loft Lanser See
Photocredit: Mr. Günther Egger
Verpan partner: Design Network