3DaysofDesign. Thank you for visiting.

A big thank you to everyone who paid us a visit during 3daysofdesign. We are humbled by the reception and positive feedback we received throughout the exhibition.

Exhibition Space
Our 3daysofdesign exhibition space at Lindencrones Mansion staged a variety of perspectives with which to approach the multifaceted talent that Verner
Panton embodied.

The tour began with overwhelming contrasts in the ‘Blue Room’ where lounge furniture dressed in shades of blue was highlighted by sparkling chrome lighting and decor pieces to create a spectacular and retrospective ode to Panton and
his everlasting love of the colour blue.

The following rooms – ‘Dining’, ‘Living’ and ‘Library’ introduced a more modern atmosphere focusing on the playful versatility and timelessness of Panton’s designs. The monochrome expression of the blue room was replaced by a softer, more natural and contemporary colour palette.

During the exhibition, Verpan also revealed the big news of Autumn 2021. First, the Pantop Portable table lamp, which adds a new level of usability to the classic and colourful Pantop lineup. Secondly, the Easy Chair made its long awaited return – making its presence known with its round layered design and
comfortable seating quality.

Press kit for the new Easy Chair can be downloaded HERE and the press kit for Pantop Portable HERE.

We cannot wait to welcome you all again at 3DaysofDesign next year, but until then you can find us on Instagram and Facebook @verpancom or sign up to
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