Visiting @poppykalas

Visiting Creative Director of Poppykalas Floral Design Studio, Thilde Maria Haukohl is never boring. The creative florist is not afraid of using colours in her art or in her home.

Can you briefly introduce yourself and what you do?

My name is Thilde and I am the Creative Director of Poppykalas Floral Design Studio, which I founded in 2016 as a platform for my artistic explorations. Beginning as the go-to florist for the Fashion- and Interior world, I have lately made a transformation to the universe of Art- and Theatre, where I am originally rooted and educated.

I have exhibited my oil paintings and floral installations at the renowned Thorvaldsens Museum and I am currently planning scenography and costumes for a dance performance at Glyptoteket in February 2022. I was also part of the performance Soil Water Sun at CHART ART AFFAIR. I use my studio as a spiritual performance space with exhibitions and installations.

Which Verner Panton design is your favourite and why?

Living Tower is Panton’s most spectacular furniture, a colorful, giant and organic furniture you can climb in. A truly magical piece brining the nature inside. I love how Panton wanted to embrace the whole body and transform the entire space and massage all the senses. A more realistic version of this is the Cloverleaf Sofa - it can soften up every room and create an organic and natural feeling. I feel the calm just by looking at it.

Photo: Thilde at home with one of her floral installations beautifully displayed on Panton's Move Table.

You have recently added the Move Table and the FUN 11DM lamp to your décor - why did you choose these particular designs?

We live in a small city house at Komponistkvarteret in Copenhagen, so space is very limited. My daughters love to be creative, drawing, painting and creating weird stuff with different objects, so we have built green drawers for their creative things. With the white Move Table, we can easily access these and still have many friends over for dinner. I love how it lightens up the room and the 80’s office feeling with the castor wheels and it is also very easy to clean.

I love the sea, and everything that comes from it. So the FUN pendant with its sea shells brings a Mediterranean ambiance to our home. My daughters love to touch it or let the wind breeze in, so you can hear the shells bring out a beautiful sound. We have added an intelligent light source, so we can change the color by asking Siri, which my daughters and guests finds so much fun. The FUN pendant is an art piece in itself and I would love to have the whole ceiling covered like a dripstone cave as the one Panton made for his Binningen Mansion.

Can you put into words how you decorate your home and work with colours?

Flowers and colours are my way of telling a story, sparking emotion and speaking a language beyond spoken or written words. I create a tactile universe that blends curiosity and spiritual calm with form, colour, smell, and touch. I often uses mixed media like fresh, dried, artificial and textile flowers, epoxy, sand, water, and crystals in my works. As Verner Panton, I like to transform the entire room with soft shapes and colours and I am not afraid to use colors and texture as you can see in my layered oil paintings. In my rug design, I have also worked with strong colours and organic forms bringing forth a feeling of an interior garden, you can soothe in.

Where do you find inspiration for your interior?

I love to look back at more daring designers as Verner Panton and Bauhaus for inspiration, and apply some of their ideas to my own space. I prefer to study and find inspiration in books. I am very drawn to the Italian eclectic and maximalist style and totally in love with the home of Gloria Vanderbilt in New York.

You can follow Thilde @poppykalas on Instagram.

Images courtesy of Eurowoman and photographer Simon Baungaard.