Thoughts on Verner Panton furniture designs.

Michael Dansk, a Copenhagen-based creative consultant and interior lover has been a fan of Verner Panton for long, and grew up with several Panton designs in his childhood home. Naturally, Panton’s designs are also part of Michael’s home today as are daring colours. We’ve asked Michael five questions on his thoughts on Verner Panton’s furniture designs and how to decorate with furniture.

Verpan Panton was very inspired by the nature and organic shapes in contrast to many other designers at the same time
– what are your thoughts on this?

“To me, this is what makes Panton’s works stand out among his peers to this day. In a way, he invented his own language of shapes and color that is both easily recognizable and still very much his own”

If you should choose only one favourite furniture piece designed by Verner Panton, which one would it be and why?

“While it seems almost impossible to choose a favourite, I would definitely go for one of Panton’s legendary ‘Welle’ modules. They come in a large variety of sizes and shapes, and to me, they are a great example of Panton’s unique view on shapes and functionality. It seems like all conservative perspectives on seating are removed, and left is a playful yet comfortable design with endless ways of placing and combining the different modules. Consider getting one in a bold shade like bright blue or orange – a perfect way of adding colour to a room and true to Panton’s take on colour at the same time”

What are the key parameters you consider, before decorating
a room with furniture?

“The balance of form and function. Furniture has a great impact on a space – not only in the sense of looks, but also functionality. Therefore, it is key to consider what you want to use a room for before decorating it.
Panton was a master of merging form and function in surprising ways by incorporating volume, form, and color in unexpected systems. Have a look at vintage photography of Panton-rooms for inspiration”

Where do you find inspiration for interior design and colour, and how do you use it in your own home?

“Everywhere really. I am constantly open to new impressions that can come from social media, travels, magazines, or nature. A go-to source of inspiration is definitely modern art. Art has a certain way of telling the most profound stories with the easiest shapes, colors and techniques, and I keep returning to a mix of contemporary and modernist artists for creative fuel.
An hour in a museum or a local gallery is the most efficient way to fill my mind with fresh ideas for interiors and color”

What piece of furniture is key in a home, and

“I guess it depends a bit on the home and the people living in it. To me, a great dining table is the best starting point for decorating a home. It is where we gather with friends and family every day, where we work, eat, talk, laugh, argue and so on. A close runner up would be comfortable seating
– a great lounge chair or nice sofa for relaxing hours at home”.