for the future


We continuously strive to offer a collection of beautiful and high quality products with timeless appeal that transcends trends and remain relevant for generations to come.

We always source the materials best suited to ensure the integrity of the product – in terms of aesthetics, quality and cost. We introduce recyclable materials when possible and strive to develop solutions for easy assembly and disassembly – making it possible to replace and ultimately dispose damaged parts properly.

Our Commitment

We are committed to honoring the heritage of Verner Panton and will never compromise on quality, design or originality. Sourcing materials that fulfills our promise while minimizing the negative impact to the environment is a constant journey, and we still have a long way ahead of us.

Our commitment to be more sustainable includes efforts towards improving the design process, manufacturing, packaging and shipping. We continuously work to find new ways of designing and producing our products, focusing on approved and sustainable materials.

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ocean transport

Eco Delivery

We use Maersk ECO Delivery for all our ocean shipping. Maersk ECO Delivery is reducing carbon footprint using sustainable net-carbon zero biofuels. These biofuels are ISCC certified, assuring that they have no negative environmental impact on agricultural or natural lands.


Recyclable PE & PP

Plastic materials represents a large part of Panton’s design heritage and also plays a big part of the Verpan collection. When handled responsibly, plastic can function as a sustainably responsible choice, as it is a very durable material that ensures a long product life. Plastic materials represent a part of Panton’s design heritage and when handled responsibly, plastic can function as a renewable responsible choice, as it is a durable material that ensures a long product life. The Cloverleaf In & Outdoor sofa and the Panto Pop chair is made from 100% recyclable PE and PP, respectively, ensuring that products at end-of-life can be granulated and reused.


FSC-Certified Wood

Wood is used throughout our collection and we strive to implement wood from sustainable and traceable forestry. For the majority of our collection, including loved products such as the Series 430, Welle and more, we have already introduced FSC® Certified wood.

FSC is a global non-profit forest certification system promoting the responsible management of the world’s forests, protecting them for future generations. The organization works against deforestation, protects animals and plants, and ensures that foresters receive decent wages, proper training and safety equipment.


Packaging represents a significant part of our footprint and we continuously work to implement better and more sustainable solutions. However, first priority is always to protect the product and minimize the risk of damage. Secondly, we focus on minimizing packaging and avoiding unnecessary plastic components.

clean power


Our headquarters in Horsens, Denmark is powered by 100% renewable energy provided and certified by Danish energy supplier Ørsted.