Meet brand ambassador Trine Kjær / @trinekjaer_

For the past year, Trine Kjær has been working with Verpan as a sponsored brand ambassador. Trine has for years been fascinated by design and interior design, and early on in life she fell for Verner Panton's unique designs. Like Verner Panton, Trine is not afraid to use colours and shapes in her decor, which is naturally expressed in her and her family's beautiful home north of Copenhagen.

Can you briefly introduce yourself and what you do?
My name is Trine Kjær, and I have worked as a content creator and stylist for the last 10 years. My family and I have recently moved to a house north of Copenhagen that we are now decorating.

When did your interest in Verner Panton design begin?
My first memory with Verner Panton was the Phantom Chair that one of my girlfriends got in her room. I thought it was the wildest and most futuristic design, and I was completely in love with its multifunctionality.

Which Verner Panton design is your favorite and why?
There is no doubt. Cloverleaf Sofa has been my favourite piece of furniture for many, many years. It is like no other sofa. It invites conversations, looks like an art installation, but at the same time it is very comfortable and fits perfectly in a home with children.

What role does Verner Panton's design play in you and your family's daily life
First and foremost, Verner Panton's designs make me happy. They are sculptural and aesthetic, but at the same time
they are actually perfect for families with children. They invite play, and it is always Welle or Cloverleaf my daughter sits in and reads books. I love the combination of how beautiful they are, but also how comfortable and practical they actually are.

In what ways does Verner Panton inspire you, and how does his design contribute to your style?
I love Verner Panton's modern aesthetics. It is unpredictable, futuristic and at the same time classic. I love his fascination
with round shapes and his understanding of colours, of course.

You have added Welle and Cloverleaf Sofa to your decor, both among Verner Panton's more unique designs - why did you choose these particular designs?
I am generally very fascinated with organic forms. I love that, unlike most Danish designs, they have soft and not sharp edges, and both designs are statement pieces – that is, furniture you immediately notice, and you want to touch and sit in.

There seems to be a strong connection between the fashion industry and Verner Panton, and in recent years PRADA, Dries van Noten and Danish RAINS have used his designs in different ways. You yourself are also involved in fashion - why do you think that Verner Panton attracts this interest in the industry?
Verner Panton was so ahead of his time. He was brave and used modern materials like steel and plastic, and on top of that he was so good with colours and shapes. His designs are daring but still classic, and you are never in doubt that he is the one who made them. These are exactly the values ​​that most fashion designers would like to be associated with.

Can you put into words how you decorate your home with / and work with colours and composition of colours?
Colours are life to me. I love looking at colours, and I think it adds some warmth and personality to my home. At the moment I am very fascinated by primary colours like green, red and blue and I mix them with more douche colours. In our home there are no black things and no white walls. I have learned over the years that I should not be afraid to choose furniture or things in colours. These are always the things I end up being the happiest with. Such as a coloured Chanel bag or a pink Welle. A coloured statement item allows you to keep the rest of the room fairly neutral.

Where do you find inspiration for the decor?
I primarily find inspiration in old houses and hotels in Southern Europe. Villa Magnan is my dream place. I am not so Scandinavian oriented although I love a beautiful oak table. I'm more into the slightly more eclectic that I think Verner Panton masters (even though he's Danish). In addition, I love Pinterest, design books and Instagram.

You can follow Trine on Instagram here: @trinekjaer_ and Trine and the family's new home take shape here: @_officina8.

All images are from Trine's home and are photographed by Trine.