VP Globe - Warm Peach

Originally conceived in 1969 by Verner Panton, the VP Globe is arguably the most recognized Panton lighting design. The decorative pendant features a crystal clear transparent acrylic outer sphere with five internal reflectors suspended by three steel chains.

A little-known story behind the inspiration of Verner Panton’s lighting is the Venice influence. Panton was known for his desire to explore, travel and experience different places and cultures. One of his favorite destinations was Venice, Italy, and he paid several visits to the famous ‘city on the water’.

It was in fact during one of these visits, that he fell in love with the slightly rose-coloured light emitted by the old street lamps in the city – so much so that he wanted his future lighting designs to simulate that unique experience. The VP Globe is perhaps the most successful execution of this early inspiration, as its special layered design paired with the acrylic globe emits a warm, soft and ambient mood-setting light – a signature of Panton.

The new VP Globe has a clean expression, not unlike the VP Globe Glass released in 2009, featuring crisp white shades with accents of warm peach, a colour that draws inspiration from the origin story of the design while appealing to a contemporary colour palette.

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