Inflatable Stool for Prada

Fashion Show: 'Prada SS Women's 2019' - Milan, Italy

The exclusive re-edition of the iconic 1960s Inflatable Stool designed by renowned Danish designer and pioneer, Verner Panton, that was initially produced by Verpan exclusively for Prada on the occasion of the SS 2019 Prada Men's & Women's fashion shows are now available for pre-order via

With the Inflatable Stool, Panton created an unpretentious piece that despite its unassuming presence offers an extraordinary visual quality to the seating experience, which can best be described as ‘floating on air‘. The stool wears a unique VERPAN for PRADA inscription.

Introduced in the early 1960s, the Inflatable Stool by Verner Panton was one of the first ever pieces of furniture made from inflatable material. The Inflatable Stool is a great example of Panton’s curiosity and bold approach to new materials. It also displays his unique flair for thinking in systems, as the cubes were designed to be used either individually or in multiples to create a lounge or daybed.

The Inflatable Stool is made from transparent film that is welded together and inflated to form a cubic shape. The light and transparent material appealed to Panton, as it allowed for great mobility, flexibility and creativity in the design and usage of the products, and made it easy to move the pieces and adapt them to suit different circumstances and spaces.