Spiral and Ball for Horsens New Theatre

Horsens New Theatre

Horsens New Theatre is the local theatre and cultural center in Horsens. The venue annually hosts some 200 events – including concerts, plays, stand-up acts and more, and has an annual attendance of more than 45,000 people. Horsens New Theatre is deeply rooted in the local community, offering a diverse program with a wide public appeal that is attractive to both a young and senior audience.

In 2016, the more than 100-year old building, which houses the theatre, underwent a large restoration project including space for a new café and seating area.

“Our ambition is to give our guests a unique experience each time they visit the theatre. Not just by offering a great program, but also by providing some extraordinary spaces around the experience. Spaces that inspire certain moods and emotions and make the guests feel welcome – at home, almost”, says Lone Wessel, Theatre Manager.

“Being able to work with a local company, such as Verpan, and introduce world-class design by a Danish icon like Verner Panton meant a lot to us”.

When setting the right mood, the right lighting plays a huge role, which is why the theatre and the architect wanted something spectacular yet timeless, making Verpan and Verner Panton the perfect fit.

“We use the lights to create different moods and spaces for our guests. The large pendants in our foyer welcome the guests even before they enter the building, and the smaller pendants in our café area create an intimacy that is quite unique”, Lone Wessel continues.

“We have received nothing but positive reactions for our work renewing the theatre, and the introduction of Pantons designs have been essential to this”, Lone Wessel ends.

Products: Spiral SP01, SP2, SP3 and Ball pendants
Application: Theatre/Public Area
Location: Horsens, Denmark
Architect: Christian Fogh